Tuesday, January 27, 2015

These amazing pictures and animations have been created
in Paintshop Pro and Photoshop.
I am grateful to Marie Paule, Adriana Marcela, Ana Ridzi, Cida Prata,
Claudia Viza, Guismo, Tony Chavarria, Nara Pamplona, Luz Cristina, Maritos,
Andre Evers, Grisi Beluge, Mineko, Saturnella, Matou and many more
for their tubes and tutorials.
These photos are creations of these great artists; I have only executed
their ideas in my own style.
We hope you will enjoy our creations.

I am not a tuber and not a single tube is mine.

If anyone thinks her/his name should be included, please let me know
by sending an e-mail.


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Good Morning

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Good Evening

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Good Night

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Nice Week

Just Enjoy

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Curtsey Andre Evers

Sensual (Adult 18+)

If these pictures may offend you, please do not open

Any Time Scraps

Valentine's Day

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year